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The School of Science of Jiangnan University was established in 2001 by incorporating the department of computational science and information dissemination of Wuxi University of Light Industry, the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Jiangnan College, and the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Wuxi Institute of Education. The School of Science takes “emphasizing mathematics and physics, encouraging eruditeness and renovation” as the school mottos, takes “ valuing mathematics and physics basics, following closely the frontiers of disciplines; innovating in interdiscipline subject and serve the development of society” as its school-running philosophy, and takes “building a high-level college with distinctive characteristics” as its strategic goal, and thereby, prompts reform of education, improves the school level, makes great progress in personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage, and innovation.

The School has seven departments (Information and Computation Science, Optoelectronics Information Science and Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Mathematics, Physics Experiment Center, and Laboratory Center) and two undergraduate programs majored in Information and Computing Science, and Optoelectronics Information Science and Engineering. There are also two Master's programs in Optical Engineering (first- level discipline) and Applied Mathematics (first-level discipline). There are several provincial and municipal teaching and research platforms such as Jiangsu university physics experiment teaching exemplary center, and Jiangsu light industry optoelectronic engineering and research center. The School also undertakes the teaching tasks of basic subjects such as advanced mathematics, engineering mathematics, physics and physics experiments for all students in Jiangnan University.

The School has 145 faculty members and 121 full-time teachers. 81 of them have degrees, and 7 of them are doctoral candidate. Among them, there are 13 professors and 68 associate professors; 3 doctoral supervisors and 41 master supervisors. One of them has been selected into Jiangsu Province “six talents peak plan”, one person has been selected as elite teacher in Jiangsu province “Qing Lan Project”, two of them have been selected into Jiangsu Province “Shuang Chuang” plan (oversea elite school class), one of them has been selected into Jiangsu Province doctoral aggregating plan, 2 of them have been selected as Social enterprise leaders of Wuxi.

In the past five years, the School has published more than 600 papers in the three major science and technology literature retrieval system, which includs more than 350 SCI papers. 3 of them have been ranked in the top 1% of ESI's high-cited papers. The School assumes 45 National Natural Science Funds, and participates in many national key research projects such as "973", "863", and international cooperation projects. The School has won 6 industrial association awards, and have been granted more than 20 invention patents. The total research funding reaches 29 million yuan.

The School emphasizes international exchanges and academic cooperation, and maintains good relations and cooperations with Russian Academy of Sciences, Brunel University (London, UK), Tokyo University, Waseda University, University of California, University of Alberta (Canada), Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Newcastle University (UK) and Sungkyunkwan University (Korea). Each year, the School hosts many international conferences, and invites many well-known domestic and foreign scholars to give lectures or to work as visiting professors. The teachers and scholars in the School are dispatched on a regular basis to study overseas. The school has been cooperating with the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom for many years on joint training programs (2+2 for undergraduates) and (2+3 for masters).

The School takes talent-fostering as its core task, and is dedicated to train talents in information computing and optoelectronic engineering in the era of big data and information networking. It was awarded the "Higher Education Society" Cup, the highest award in the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, which was the first award-winning university in Jiangsu Province. Each year, it achieves outstanding results in the International Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National Undergraduate Mathematics Competition, the Jiangsu Provincial Undergraduate Physics and Experimental Science and Technology Innovation Competition, and the Jiangsu Advanced Mathematics Competition. Many famous figures have emeged in the past decades. For example, A alumni, Sun Denggao, was selected as the person of the year, Wuxi.

In the future practice, the School of Science will continue adhering to the strategy of “development as the theme, disciplinary construction as the core, team building as the foundation, and improvement in teaching quality as the focal point”, and strive to achieve the leap-forward development of the school of science.


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